I’ve dedicated my career to helping others
achieve their dreams in real estate, from
architecting income-producing property portfolios to counseling first-time homeowners.
I’ve been lucky to have selfless mentors as well—giants whose shoulders I’ve stood
upon and who have guided me on the path to realizing my dreams.

My grandpa—may his memory be for a blessing—was my first business mentor and
role model. As a child, I remember watching in awe as he led his large construction and
paving business in Israel. Real estate is definitely in my blood! I’d pedal the perimeter of
construction sites on a chrome tricycle, day after day, watching as buildings rose from
the ground to scratch the underbelly of the clouds. Even more remarkable to me was how respected he was for his work ethic, honesty, and transparency. He would tell me,
“Leron, ah Kavod ve a mila shelcha yoter hasuv mekesef!!” or “Leron, honor and your
word are far more important than money.”

Grandpa had an eye for value, which informs my business model to this day. His strategies have been instrumental in numerous victories, including rezoning campaigns, multifamily assets, and redevelopments. Very early in my real estate career, he was the inspiration for doubling my income and portfolio property values. I truly owe it all to my grandpa and his dedication to business, to growth, and to people. 

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and my first project was no exception.

It transformed my relationship with real estate and Philadelphia, forever.

No room for trial and error.

In 2013, I was new to Philadelphia and the real estate industry, seeking to establish myself in my new hometown. I gave myself a year to guarantee the success of my first project.

There was no room for trial and error.

I scoured every nook and enclave of Greater Philadelphia, from Ardmore’s Main Line to the colonial properties of the western suburbs and Wayne. Looking back, this research laid the foundation for my in-depth knowledge of virtually every neighborhood in Philadelphia— market expertise that I leverage in support of my clients daily. 

 Triplex with high upside.

After 6 months, I came across a winning opportunity: a high-potential triplex with a detached garage, which—based on my research of Philadelphia’s Zoning Code—could be converted into additional apartments. If you looked beyond the Formica cabinetry, goopy spray insulation, and “closed concept” layout, there was unlimited potential!

I pitched an investor who believed in my vision and research, and she provided 80% of the capital. In exchange, I offered the sweat equity to remodel, market, and manage the asset.

I promised that I would escalate rents at least 25% upon completion.

 Under-promised and overdelivered.

Within a few months, I gutted the units, remodeled them, and re-rented them. To my investor’s amazement, I leased the units for double what I promised her. Today, the value of the property has increased 2.5X. And that’s without developing the garage.

Wrap up.

The triplex project was the genesis of 100+ successful transactions. It remains a representation of what I can—and have—achieved for dedicated investors who want to build a successful real estate portfolio in the Greater Philadelphia area.

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